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Welcome back to a new & redesigned Celerium:

     Over the past year Celerium has become somewhat of a stale site. It has been a very difficult time in my life and I was not posting as many articles as I should have been. So I decided that after 10 years it was time for me to start fresh with Celerium. I’ve started a complete redesign from the ground up: New theme, updated database, updated PHP, increased loading times, SSL and much more.

     One of the more challenging things with this fresh start, will be the import of a few hundred posts I have written over the years. Though importing all of these posts back into the new site is going to take a long time due to the complete database rebuild. My hosting provider does not offer a way for me to upgrade my old Mysql 3 database to 5+. So due to this I said screw it and am going to start fresh completely with Celerium.

What is going to change with Celerium?

     Celerium is going to change a lot from what I was doing before. I will be focusing on higher quality content that is more consistent rather then the hodgepodge I was outputting before.  Over the next few months I will be adding more and more content to this site to bring it back into full swing.

Thank you

Last but not least I want to thank everyone that has offered me support over the years, I could not have done any of this without you. In the mean time stay turned and feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


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